Semi-finals, Saturday, November 22, 2014

Finals, Sunday, November 23, 2014

Required Piece:

Audition Recording Requirements:
Three identical CDs (approx. 15 minutes in duration) should include:
1. Two contrasting movements from the Required Piece, above.
2. One piece of your own selection from a different period and style.

Semi-Finals Requirements:
(Accompaniment must be used when needed.)

  1. 1. Required piece, above.
  2. 2. Three works of contrasting styles and periods, including:
    1. a. A complete classical sonata
    2. b. A virtuoso piece or concerto movement
    3. c. A contemporary work

Changes to repertoire may be made in writing through
October 17 by mail, email or fax.
No changes will be accepted after October 17.

Finals Requirements:
Performance selections will be chosen from your semi-finals repertoire.

Contestants may provide their own accompanists who must be available for both the Semi-Finals on November 22 and the Finals on November 23. If necessary arrangements for an accompanist can be made through the Competition with the following stipulations:

  1. 1. Within three days of acceptance to the Semi-Finals, you must send your music by 2- to 3-day service. Take care to choose repertoire that can be adequately prepared in limited rehearsal time, and please try to avoid music in manuscript.
  2. 2. Within three days of acceptance to the Semi-Finals, you must send a check for $150, payable to Connecticut Alliance for Music, to cover one rehearsal, the Semi-Finals, and (if applicable) the public Finals Concert.
  3. 3. Audition and rehearsal time will be assigned in advance by mail or phone. Most rehearsals will take place on Friday, November 21. Additional rehearsal time may be scheduled by arrangement with the accompanist.

You will be notified in mid-October of your acceptance/rejection, or as soon as possible. PLEASE DO NOT CALL US ABOUT THIS. Those accepted will receive performance time assignments later. Semi-finals are free and open to the public

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